We require Professional Media Marketing for our projects.
Job description
You will be accountable for attracting people to our brand and content using paid and organic digital tactics, ensuring that we’re top of mind with relevant audiences in line with the strategic placement and positioning of the brand.
  • Use paid media platforms and channels to effectively target consumers with messaging that will minimize acquisition costs and increase both returns on investments and customer lifetime values.
  • Implement and monitor organic media best practices to minimize acquisition costs and increase both return on investments and customer lifetime value.
  • Maximize acquisition, conversion, retention and reacquisition through across multiple platforms (ie desktop and mobile). 
Paid Media
  • Develop, implement and continuously optimize a comprehensive PPC strategy (using platforms including Adwords, Bing, 7Search, etc.) with a view to increasing traffic and reducing CPA over time.
  • Develop and implement a paid social media advertising (Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Youtube, Linkedin, etc.) strategy that complements both the organic media strategy and the social media content strategy.
  • Work with third party vendors and the in-house creative team to secure real estate on key channels and implement innovative campaigns.
  • Develop a display media and retargeting plan that contributes to both acquisition and retention goals, and ties in with the marketing calendar and greater marketing strategy.
Organic Media
  • Develop, implement and continuously improve a holistic SEO strategy, which maximizes organic visibility, whilst adhering to Google’s quality guidelines and updates (Penguin, Panda, etc).
  • Develop, manage and implement, in conjunction with the Customer Journey Specialist, an email marketing plan that increases and conversion and retention by reducing customer effort.
  • Continuously work to expand the company’s high value digital content assets (web pages, videos, ebooks, etc.), as well as promote such assets using paid, organic and mobile strategies, in a way that compliments broader marketing objectives.
Mobile Media
  • Work with the Customer Journey Specialist to develop, implement and continuously improve an SMS marketing strategy that increases acquisition, conversion and retention performance.
  • Develop innovative Bluetooth and proximity marketing opportunities that benefit the ACM Gold PMEX Footprint
  • Work with the Product Development team to ensure a cohesive, smooth multi-platform experience (including trading Apps, mobile banking, etc).
  • Identify implement best-practise methods for marketing mobile app, including App Store Optimisation.
  • Identify and implement opportunities for content expansion into new channels and mediums, e.g. Podcasts. 
  • Work with Customer Journey Specialist to ensure that potential acquisition paths are catered for to ensure extended customer lifespans and increased customer lifetime values.
  • Prepare regular reports that cover both high level as well as mission critical metrics. Prepare in detail, present in summary.
  • Communicate with the marketing manager about on-going developments, workload and requirements.
  • Assist with adhoc requirements as the scope and strategy of the department and business evolve over time.
  • Work with the creative team to develop a yearly campaign calendar to be rolled out across all channels.
  • Ensure that all work done is in line with an in the best interest of branding, compliance and general company guidelines and restrictions, as well as the broader business strategy.
In addition to your key responsibilities, the below points highlight projects that you need to action within your first three months:
  • Develop and present a comprehensive, actionable strategy that ties together Paid, Organic and Mobile media that complements the overall marketing strategy as well as greater business goals.
  • Work with an Outsourced Digital Agency to achieve the intial goals with a view to have inhouse expertise.  
  • Degree in Digital Marketing, Advertising or similar
  • Google Adwords qualification beneficial
  • Minimum of 3 years experience in a similar role
  • Proven success as a team player
    Proven history of maximizing revenue and new account development
  • Kindly email your cv on or call on +92 3110048433